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Market: Walls

Application: Stucco

Platinum CI Stucco System Overview

A continuously insulated stucco system featuring Neopor GPS Plus Rigid Insulation Board.

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Continuous Insulation Stucco System (Stucco) featuring Neopor GPS. The system uses a secondary air/water-resistive barrier to provide a cost-effective level of protection of the sheathing and cavity against moisture and air intrusion. It offers design flexibility, aesthetic appeal and energy savings. Integrated system components include air/water-resistive barrier, Neopor GPS insulation board, lath, Stuccobase, base coat and finish coat. Finishes are available in a limitless color selection.Performance enhancement options, include increased resistance to dirt pick-up and mildew, and specialty finishes that create stone-like, metallic or mottled stucco appearances.


For exterior walls in new and retrofit commercial, institutional and residential construction when a continuous high effective R-value is needed to meet energy or eco-efficiency standards, and/or when a rainscreen is desired or required to satisfy code issues related to drainage.



  • Highly energy efficient
  • Incorporates a monolithic secondary air/water-resistive barrier
  • Easy to specify a design that meets ASHRAE design standards and IGCC/IECC code requirements for the use of continuous insulation